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Dangerous Viral Challenges

The internet is a strange, strange place, where it’s completely acceptable to do stupid things. I have compiled a list of all the craziest, most unnecessary viral challenges that have been invented for then sake of likes and retweets.

1: The Kylie Lip Challenge

Like, come on who even came up with this? Let’s be honest, the Kardashians are the bane of pop culture, but to have a whole challenge dedicated to enlarging your lips seems a bit excessive. Kylie renounced all responsibility for the challenge, which is fair enough, because teens where literally putting their lips inside a shot glass and sucking on it until their lips swelled, and sometimes burst. Yes, this is a real thing, that people actually did. I suppose lip filler sounded more terrifying to these people.

Conclusion: People are idiots


2: The Cinnamon Challenge

You may ask, why cinnamon? And to be perfectly honest I could not tell you. I can’t really call this challenge stupid because I did it myself back in the day. Obviously I did not realise how utterly ridiculous the whole thing was. If you have not heard of it, the challenge is to put a large spoon of cinnamon powder into your mouth and try to swallow it. What makes this so difficult is the cinnamon blocks the saliva glands in your mouth causing your mouth to become very dry, as well as having a mouthful of dirty spice.

Conclusion: All in all, it just does not make any logical sense.


3: NeckNominations

I really feel bad talking about this one because there were several severe cases where young people did serious harm to themselves. It was a very big trend back in the day, especially here in Ireland. Basically, people would film themselves drinking an alcoholic beverage really quickly and then nominating their friends to do the same thing. Obviously, the challenge would get more and more extreme and people would be downing pints of hard liquor, resulting in some people getting alcohol poisoning and many stomachs being pumped.

Quick disclaimer: Alcohol, no matter how main stream it is, is still a dangerous substance. Everything in moderation.

4: The Choking Game

Like WHAT? Of all the challenges on this list, this one is honestly the number 1 most ridiculously stupid thing that I have come across. The game involves one friend choking another, reducing oxygen to the brain, in order to see how long they can last until they pass out. The game has been the cause of so any deaths that Lifetime released a movie to raise awareness about it. It is also supposed to give the victim a feeling of euphoria, which some people found alluring.

Conclusion: Humanity is weird.


5: The Salt and Ice Challenge

Because we have all wanted to get third degree burns at some stage, right? This challenge involves placing salt on your skin and then running and ice cube down along it, causing searing pain. All for fun. How do people come up with these things? I will never understand. This challenge has seen people get severe third degree burns because they took it too far, as usual.

Overall Conclusion: What The F*ck.

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