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Kardashian Kulture: Toxic Celeb Culture and the Kardashian Family

The Kardashian family have been at the forefront of pop culture for years now and by the looks of it, the public’s obsession with them is only growing stronger. It begs the question, Why? Why is the general public so interested in the lives of these uber wealthy people who got famous for doing absolutely nothing at all?

From pregnancies to cheating scandals we simply cannot get enough of the drama. Their reality TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians is hugely popular and attracts viewers every season even though we already know what is going to happen. In my opinion the obsession stems from the fact that we ordinary people cannot relate in the slightest to their problems. Their lavish lifestyle is completely alien to us. You know that there is a problem when a story with a Kardashian is involved gets more attention than a real world issue like the problems happening in Venezuela at the moment. We are putting our attention in the wrong place, and it is all benefiting one family.

Now the one thing that really gets to me about the Kardashians is that not one of them has a talent that demand the fame that they receive. Recently Kylie received major press time because she apparently became the youngest ‘self-made’ female billionaire? That is simply a lie. Kylie Jenner is as much a self-made billionaire as I am a millionaire. She has had the backing of both her extremely wealthy parents and a platform created for her. Self-made, by definition, is someone who has become successful and/or rich by ones own efforts and resources. She has done neither. Everyone calm down and do some research.

It may seem like Kendall has her sh*t together as one of the most popular top models of this generation, but lets be real, she cannot walk. AT ALL. Only locals stan because of her she’s plain.

Even this walk is better and you know it…

They make such a massive amount of money they are completely and utterly inept when it come to reality…

Of course they think it is perfectly okay to have to 20 HOURS to buy one pair of jeans.

As annoying as they are though we do get a great kick out of how ridiculous they really are an escape from the broke reality that we live in.

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